Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Making progress............kind of

Just because I don't want to go a whole month between posts, here's the latest.  (Yes, I barely made it)  My studio walls are painted (the woodwork will get painted later), my stuff is moved in and it's looking good.  But.........I've discovered that I HATE painting.  For two reasons.  #1 - it's boring.  #2 - it's painful.  Well, it's probably not painful for most (younger) people, but I managed to pinch a nerve in my back, so it's been painful for me.  The accompanying meds have left me in a fog and I've found myself doing some very strange things.  So........I'm not sewing until I have a clear head again.  (there are those who would argue that I've never had a clear head!) I did take pictures so I'll try to get those posted.

Here's hoping I get some great stuff made for you guys before Christmas!!