Sunday, October 2, 2011

New stuff........

Believe it or not, I have managed to sneak in a little sewing this summer.  Not much I'll admit, but some.  Here's what I've made (so far):

I decided to show this totebag first because I knew if I didn't sell it fast I'd keep it!  Well, turns out my friend Kathy loved it too and snatched it up before it made it on the website (thank you Kathy!).  I love the kiwi green, black & white combo.

Here is the twin to the totebag above in yellow, black and gray.  My sister got one of these for her birthday and loves it! This one did make on to the website, so check it out here.

This is a slightly smaller version of my standard tote bag.  It's the perfect size for a laptop tote or an on-the-go diaper bag.  Changing the size was an experiment and for once I'm happy with the way it turned out. :)

I love this cute little purse!  Love the fabric, love the handles..........yes, this is another one I'm trying hard not to keep.  As you can see, I clearly have photography issues, sorry about that.  it really is a cute purse. This is one of a kind, I only had enough fabric to make one of these. :)  This will be on the website soon.

Last but not least, here's a custom totebag I just made.......another one I didn't want to send off (OK fine, I want to keep 99% of them!).  I had to fight myself to put it in the box, I LOVE this one.  I hope she and her new owner are very happy together.  :)

So there you have it, proof that there IS life in my sewing room.  I have more in the works, you'll see them soon!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life Of A Blogger Slacker - Part 1

Alrighty then, I've firmly established that I'm a blogger slacker.  If you're counting how frequently I post, which clearly is not very often.  I prefer to think of it as "my life is so full I can't possibly blog every day."  Which is true.  Sometimes life is good, sometimes not so much.  And sometimes it's both at once.  Like a couple of weeks ago when my daughter and I took a road trip to Maine for our uncle's funeral.  This was an uncle everyone absolutely adored, he is loved so very much.  And there was no way we were not going to be there to say goodbye, so we packed up the car and took off on the Uncle Cy Memorial Road Trip.  The drive was long, but beautiful, we were only in Maine 24 hours and 5 minutes and it was worth every second. We wished we could have been there for a happier occasion; but it was so great to see our family (and the hugs were awesome) and share this slice of life with each other.

Even though it was a whirlwind trip, we took an hour and snuck off to Freeport (love Freeport!).

Downtown Freeport is absolutely beautiful!

We had one mission to complete - visit LL Bean.  It's our tradition whenever we're in Maine.  We were supposed to meet my sister and brother-in-law there, but we never did find them (the place is HUGE).  So we visited the pet department for gifts for our little furbabies, hit the coffee shop for some much needed cappuccino, and scoured the rest of the store for thank-you gifts for the folks that helped us get there.  It was power shopping at it's finest and less than an hour later we were done and took our first breather since we got to Maine.

Just down the stairs on the right is where we took our short but sweet breather.

OK, I did not take this picture, I found it so just ignore the snow. It was a beautiful day and there was a great little sitting area off to the right of this picture where we sat and talked while we finished our cappuccino.  It was the only time we sat and relaxed the entire trip.  But we would do it again in a heartbeat.

Love to all my family, we shared so much love in such a short time.  It will carry me through for a long, long time.  :)


Friday, April 1, 2011

It's personal! ized

After owning an embroidery machine for.....let's just say way too long, I bit the bullet, locked myself in the studio one weekend and worked on the finer points of machine embroidery.  Now I'm mad at myself because I didn't do it sooner.  So without further ado, here is the first ever personalized item from Carla's Creations. 

My darling daughter was the more-than-willing crash test dummy, she's so easy. :)  I was pretty excited about it too, it turned out better than I expected.  This launched a whole new set of ideas - and I haven't even finished the last set of ideas.  Actually, I haven't even started some of the last ideas.........

Guess that's my cue to turn off the computer and get to work.

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bear Musings: Last Will and Testament of Pooh Bear Dog

I'm sharing this post from a blog that I followed because truer words were never spoken.  The author of this blog was Pooh Bear Dog, he had quite an amazing story.  He was attacked by a pack of pit bulls on Easter Sunday 2010 and survived; his pet parent started a Facebook page to keep everyone updated on his progress and it evolved into a chronicle of Bear's life.  He was quite a character!  Bear lost his battle with heart disease on February 24 but he left his Last Will and Testament to remind us how life should be lived.  I hope this means as much to you as it does to me.

Bear Musings: Last Will and Testament of Pooh Bear Dog: "Most of you were unaware that as Bear wrote his Facebook page and his blog, he was suffering from severe heart disease. It was diagnos..."

Monday, February 28, 2011

Whirlwind Winter

Normally my winters are turtle-slow and quite boring.  Not this one!  As much as I've whined (yes, whined and it wasn't pretty) about wanting this winter to be over, I can't believe tomorrow is March.  My vision of long, leisurely winter weekends spent sewing was replaced with a whirlwind of  events of every imaginable type, from parties to meetings to funerals and everything in between.  My car decided to die a slow, painful (and expensive) death, so there was car shopping (loved that part!).  And yes, some of it was self-inflicted, like signing Mimi up for obedience classes, volunteering for a new ministry and taking on another Beth Moore Bible study (with all the accompanying homework).  Don't get me wrong, it's been the most fun that I remember having during winter, but the business side of me is throwing fits because my grand plan of having a website full of wonderful creations by spring has not happened. **heavy sigh**  I actually have made a few things for gifts and I have a couple of new designs in progress (translation, they're cut out and sitting on my worktable).  I can't wait for spring, but for the next 20 days I'll be busy creating.............I hope!