Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Great diaper bag & lessons learned.....

I've finished my favorite project ever - an awesome diaper bag for my friend Nancy's daughter-in-law.

It's. Adorable.

Chasity chose her own fabric & the Multi-Tasking Tote design, she has great taste. I love the colors & textures. She picked a design her husband would willingly carry - he's a man's man type and pink just wouldn't fly (I swear he's 8' tall, which is killing me cause I've know him since he was a kid). Here it is....
All snapped up and ready to go!
The sides unsnap for easy access to all the necessities a little princess needs.
And trust me, there's room for everything she'll need, with room left over for big brothers stuff too!

As great as it turned out, it was not without issues. Chasity wanted a monogram, and this bag is perfect for that. I mocked up a couple of designs and I loved the one she picked (told you she had great taste). This is where my Note To Self moment came in - the design doesn't always turn out the way it looks in the mock-up. I had one letter that just wouldn't cooperate, it must have been digitized wrong. The first two letters stitched up great, so feeling way too confident, I lined up the last one, just knowing that it would be perfect. Imagine my surprise as I watched it stitch out sideways!!! 
Yeah......that's supposed to be CML. This is not what I had in mind. It took me forever to get the orientation fixed and then I realized it wasn't sizing up right. No matter what I tried, it wouldn't shrink. Aahhh! So we had to regroup and start over (thank you Chasity for being so gracious). Here's the final result, much better!
The new little princess is ready for her Mommy & Daddy to take her out to meet her public. In style!!

And the lesson learned? Next time do a mock up AND check it on the machine before I commit. And always do a test run! (Thankfully I did this time. All I messed up was a scrap of fabric. Whew!)

Take care!