Monday, February 28, 2011

Whirlwind Winter

Normally my winters are turtle-slow and quite boring.  Not this one!  As much as I've whined (yes, whined and it wasn't pretty) about wanting this winter to be over, I can't believe tomorrow is March.  My vision of long, leisurely winter weekends spent sewing was replaced with a whirlwind of  events of every imaginable type, from parties to meetings to funerals and everything in between.  My car decided to die a slow, painful (and expensive) death, so there was car shopping (loved that part!).  And yes, some of it was self-inflicted, like signing Mimi up for obedience classes, volunteering for a new ministry and taking on another Beth Moore Bible study (with all the accompanying homework).  Don't get me wrong, it's been the most fun that I remember having during winter, but the business side of me is throwing fits because my grand plan of having a website full of wonderful creations by spring has not happened. **heavy sigh**  I actually have made a few things for gifts and I have a couple of new designs in progress (translation, they're cut out and sitting on my worktable).  I can't wait for spring, but for the next 20 days I'll be busy creating.............I hope!