Thursday, June 7, 2012

Playing With Toys

So, I have a new toy……….. a Silhouette Cameo!! {insert screams of joy here}  Ever since it arrived my mind has been full of ideas and I couldn’t wait for a chance to make them.  So I took advantage of a super hot afternoon to play.
First up was decorating my shiny new mailbox. Back in December someone decided to take a shortcut through my yard - he came 7 feet from turning my sewing room into a drive-thru and took out my mailbox and a very large rock in the process. I thought the new mailbox deserved a little decoration.  And not just numbers, cool looking numbers. And a little embellishment. I chose 77 pt Teen font for the numbers and found this cute little bird flourish in the Silhouette store.  I scaled the bird to be the same height as the numbers and the length at 15".  Perfect!!  The other side just has numbers because the flag was in the way, but I still think it still looks great!

Next was a set of plates that I’ve had for years. I love the colors but they always looked a little plain. Before I even got my Cameo I knew I wanted to decorate them with words, so this project was a no brainer. I used Script font for this and scaled it to fit the width of the center of the plate.  WARNING to those of you brave enough to try it; the teeny, tiny little lines were a pain to pull out so make sure you have plenty of patience. But it was worth it!

Can't wait for another hot/rainy/crappy day to knock out some more projects!

Take care!