Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Change happens.......

Forgive the wordy post, lots going on! If you follow me on Facebook you know all about the fast & furious changes that happened to the website over the winter. My former webhost made some sudden changes (thank you so much Microsoft) that forced me out of my little comfort zone and sent me in search of a new host. Which, honestly, I should have done a long time ago because I was never happy with the old site. But the thought of figuring out which hosting service was the best (there are sooo many options, reputable and not so reputable), rebuilding my website and doing all the little behind-the-scenes work to get it switched without any glitches…….. Totally. Freaked. Me. Out. So like any normal person, I hunkered down in my comfort zone. (thats what all normal people do, right?) Til the Big Guy upstairs decided to stretch me.  Yeah, He’s good at that, isn’t he? BUT, I followed His lead and as usual, He was right.  I found a great new host and built a website that I love, love, love!!!  What do ya think???

I wish I could say that I’ve been sewing like crazy.  But I can’t. I can only say that I’ve been crazy. I do have stuff on the sewing table, but I keep forgetting that I have a life. A Mom who had surgery, a daughter who needs me, a little dog that loves going to the park, a mild winter with a yard that started growing way too soon (we won’t even talk about the weeds).  And housework.  And a full time job. Yeah, that’s another God lesson - my plans aren’t necessarily His plans. (shhh, if you listen you can hear my Grandma laughing, she never could get me to understand that) So I’ve decided that life is gonna happen in spite of my plans so I will sew when I can (I have so many great designs waiting to come to life!) and be happy with it. Here’s a little hint at what’s in the works now (think Christmas purse style)……….

The finished products are looking great!!  Stay tuned..............

Until next time,

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