Friday, April 27, 2012

Coffee Table Makeover

I inherited a vintage living room set from my Aunt & Uncle when they packed up and moved to Florida.  Love the furniture, it has great bones, but there was one teensy little problem.

Here we have the coffee table.  Notice the great turned legs and the rosette?  Love those details!! But the dark brown just didn't fit with my shabby vintage decor.  I saw this coffee table makeover at Recaptured Charm and fell in love!  So out came the paint and the drop cloth and ................  

Waaalaaaa!  Now I can put my feet up when I'm watching TV and not feel guilty! Bonus - extra seating if needed. AND it's Mimi approved (she's already claimed it - she can lay on it and watch everything I do in comfort) Notice the furniture in the background? That's the rest of the set. It's been painted, still need to do the slipcovers. Someday.............

Take care!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Heather! Now I can't wait to tackle the next project.... Miss you!

  2. Cute redo. Can you tell me what your padded the table with? Love this idea!

  3. Thanks Jennifer! I used 3" dense upholstery foam covered with batting. I bought the upholstery foam at Joann Fabrics - but beware, it's expensive so make sure you have a 40% off coupon. You can buy cheaper foam but it doesn't hold up nearly as well. I covered the foam with Poly Fil Hi Loft batting to give it a nice smooth finish. If you do your own makeover send me a pic!